Sarah is the most amazing midwife I have ever worked with! She made my pregnancy and birth experience the best I could have ever asked for❤ Sarah was my rock during pregnancy while my husband was deployed and held my hands during labor speaking strength into me when I was exhausted and having a rough time. She supported me in the birth that I wanted and made it PERFECT!!! Sarah has become a friend who I can always rely on to be there for me ❤ I have and always will recommend her to every pregnant mom I know!!!! She's that wonderful!!

~ Jessica Jasso

Sarah gave us the best birth experience we could have imagined. From our initial consult, prenatal appointments, birth, and finally 6 week postpartum she was helpful, informative, and became like family. She was available any time of day or night via text or phone to answer questions or relieve worries.

~ Shanie Mantz

I love my midwife. I love that I can count on her. I love that she is not only our midwife, but also a friend and a member of the family. It's like she's Amadeus' "Earthly Mother" or some form of Spiritual Other Mother to him, as she worked just as hard to bring him safely into this world as my husband and I did.

Toward the end of my pregnancy, I lost my composure and had a sobbing meltdown. For a few moments I decided I had to stay pregnant forever, because if I didn't then Sarah wouldn't be in our lives anymore. That is so far from what actually happened, and I am so grateful!

Sarah is this amazing woman that knows the individual needs of all of us mothers. She is a special soul that touches the life of everyone who knows her. Thank you Sarah Dunn. We love you.

~ Micah Kamiah McSmith

A wonderful midwife and all-around supporter. She REALLY listens and teaches throughout the entire process. The passion she does her calling with is inspirational and extremely comforting to a momma-to-be. She is not afraid to speak her mind. One of the things I truly appreciated was her concern for me and my baby before any concerns for a homebirth. A homebirth was my ultimate plan, but things didn't go accordingly and she was there through the whole thing. She was a great support and a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her services.

~ Britny Hohenstreet

As the dust settles on the birth of our second son, my wife and I want to take a moment to thank Sarah Dunn of Ancient Paths Midwifery for helping us bring our son Moses into the world. That's the easy part. The hard part is trying to define what it is she did for our family during one of the most defining experiences of our lives.

When we found out my wife was pregnant after 5 years with our second child we instantly knew that we wanted to try to have a VBAC Home Birth. I won't try to explain my wife's reasons, but for me I desperately wanted her to have the opportunity to have the birth she so obviously wanted and didn't get the first time around. Our first birth gave us our amazing son Samuel, but there were emotional and physical scars from the process. Sarah met us where we were. She took the time to help us pull our physical and emotional baggage out and address it. Again, I can't speak for my wife, but for me she taught me how to close the door and move forward. The safety of my wife and our children is all I care about. Yes I desire that my children have every chance to have a natural home birth but as a husband and father that has spent most of his career working in or around a Hospital setting, I have no desire to disparage a hospital birth. I wanted my wife to be safe even if it meant her birth plan had to change.

For nine months we met regularly with Sarah and her assistant Terran as we planned a quite home birth in our country home in Rathdrum. As the months ticked by I was increasingly impressed with how Sarah worked with both our family and those in the medical community that she has worked hard to develop strong working relationships with. For me that was a huge indication of the caliber of Midwife and professional that Sarah is. She places the safety of her clients above all else, and it shows in her work.

A week and a half past our baby's due date Sarah gave my wife a gift that I don't think either of us could have foreseen. She recommended that we alter our birth plan and move the party to the hospital after carefully analyzing my wife's and baby's health and safety. Even though we were no longer going to have a home birth, Sarah still stayed with us every step of the way. But most impressive to me was the way she integrated with the wonderful birthing staff at Valley Medical in Spokane. She took the time to build relationships with each Nurse and Dr that we worked with over the next 24 hours. The gift that Sarah gave us was a chance to work through every option without ever feeling like we were giving something up or being pressured. My incredible wife once again blew me away as she demonstrated the power and strength of a mother bringing a life into this world. Every time we hit an impasse Sarah was our advocate and source of strength through an emotional ride. We transitioned from a Home Birth to and induced hospital birth. Through an epidural, trials and more positions than I can recount, at 11:55 in the morning our beautiful baby boy was born via C-section.

We ended up right where we had no intention of being. It was the most beautiful birth either of us could have imagined. I credit Sarah and the relationship she built with my wife and myself, with turning what we would have considered a failure 9 months ago into a triumph and spiritually healing experience. Together we softened old scars and wiped them away with tears of joy as we welcomed our son Moses into the world. Thank you for being our Midwife Sarah. But more importantly thank you for being our friend.

~ Bart Shields

Sarah has held my hand and coached me through 4 of my births. My husband and I couldn't have done it without her. She was my doula, before she was a midwife. With her I was able to have the fantastic homebirth that I always wanted. Sarah helps create a safe, sacred, emotionally and physically fulfilling birth experience. To have her care for you and your family is a privilege.

~ Jennifer Hehn McIntosh

Sarah was my midwife for my 3rd pregnancy. Although this pregnancy didn't make it to term, when I found out I was having a miscarriage at 16 weeks she went above and beyond to help me through it. She was literally by my side through the whole thing, even after my care had been transferred to an OB. Just a few of the things I appreciate about her model of care:

  • Her ability to keep the focus on the mother
  • Her sense of humor during tough times
  • She is very available
  • She is gentle and takes her time with visits
  • She is easy to talk to
~ Daniella Martin

We chose Sarah as our midwife for our second pregnancy after deciding we wanted a home birth. After interviewing several midwives, we felt that we "clicked" with Sarah so well and knew that she would fully support us in our birth and choices, no matter how things went.

Sarah was fully present for each of our pre-natal appointments--she spent as much time as needed to be sure that I was doing well not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. I had some birth trauma from my first labor & birth, and she helped me work through that. She also provided great resources to prepare for labor and birth and did everything to ensure that we would have our home birth. I went a week past my due date, and Sarah definitely helped to keep me positive and calm as we waited for our daughter to decide she was ready to come earthside.

When I was in labor I knew that I was in the best hands--it was MY birth, and Sarah was there to support, encourage, and help in every way, but she always respected my needs and desires. We had an amazing water birth with our sweet baby girl I was able to have immediate skin-to-skin and time for her to nurse before we even thought about doing any checks.

The post-partum support was also wonderful--Sarah called, texted, and visited to be sure that both baby and I were doing well. She gave me the space to just spend time with my newborn and helped us set up a support system so that I didn't overextend myself.

I am so blessed to have Sarah as a midwife and friend. I can't wait to share my next pregnancy and birth with her!

~ Tanya Schaible Aoyagi

Sarah is the perfect mix of wisdom, humor and professionalism with a wonderful knack for helping you understand what is going on in your head, your body and even your relationship. I love this hard working momma of millions of children and I couldn't have chosen a better person to help me bring my child into this earth side journey. If I were ever to have another child, Sarah would be the first person I would call. Sarah has truly found the calling that best allows her to share her heart of gold with the world. Thank you again, Sarah, for coming into our lives and bringing enlightenment with you.

~ Amber Crystal-Rose SunshineLomas
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