Our beautiful instructor, Amber Lomas of Deep Roots Yoga, offers a variety of weekly classes in our education room. Please contact Amber directly or see our schedule to sign up for a class.

Hatha Yoga for Adults

Take time to appreciate breath as we move through invigorating sequences with specific attention to our subtle alignment. Develop ways to calm the mind and exude joy in our daily life. All body types and experience levels are welcome.

Hatha Yoga for Youth

Ages 7-15

Take time to breathe as we move from pose to pose. Be sure that our bodies are moving in all the right ways by paying attention to HOW we move. Feel joyful and refreshed by learning how to think with a calm mind. All body types and experience levels are welcome.

A Child's Adventure

Ages 3-7

Go swinging through the trees like monkeys, swimming through the ocean like sharks, slithering through the jungle like snakes and wagging our tails like barking dogs all while doing yoga poses! Learn how important your breath is and some tricky ways to solve problems! All body types and experience levels are welcome.

Momma and Baby yoga

Ages: birth until walking

Spend loving one-on-one time with your sparkly-eyed, wiggly-toed bundle AND get a rejuvenating stretch of the body and mind. Starting with an infant massage, leading into a calming Vinyasa flow with focused energy on breath and how it affects each pose, and ending with a warming cuddle. All experience levels and body types are welcome.

Brave Parents with Toddlers

Ages: Walking until approximately Three years

Put on your thick skin and carefree character as this class will not be easy and it will not be pretty. Learn great tools to bring your energetic and sporadic child down to Earth and teach them the beginning phases of living mindfully by spending time in the moment. Learn great stretches to incorporate into story time and help children realize the importance of breath and relaxation.

Prenatal Yoga

Gently stretch your body and mind in preparation for birth. Spend time training your breath to aid you during labor. Explore your personal physical edge and find gratitude for your limitations and capabilities alike. All body types are welcome. Talk to your midwife/doctor before starting yoga.

Our Mission...

Our goal at Ancient Paths is to build capable, confident families through education with the support, wisdom, and compassion of our trusted and experienced providers.

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