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Here at Ancient Paths, we have doulas that work out of our center, and they often meet with clients in our Butterfly Room or in the mother’s home. A Doula is a professional labor support partner, who does not take the place of a mother’s primary support team, but adds experience and wisdom to the experience. A doula often cares for the mother emotionally and physically prior to going to the birth center, hospital, or having her midwife arrive at home. A doula does NOT provide medical care, but rather uses her intuition and expertise to help the mother cope with labor, and assists her partner in knowing exactly how to help best if they are unsure.

A doula is an expense outside of a mother’s medical fees, and insurances do not cover this service. However, this is the BEST money you will spend preparing for your birth, and we highly recommend that you read the following article from Evidence Based website, and interview doulas to see if you are a good fit. A list of questions for interview doulas can be found in this article, and we are happy to answer any more that you might have.

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We at Ancient Paths SO believe in the need for a doula, especially for new moms, that the doulas we contract with offer a 50% discount to our clients. Yes, it is THAT important! This doula does not have to work out of our facility, but must be a certified/trained doula to ensure that our clients are getting the most qualified care available. Again, in no way does hiring a doula diminish the importance or need of your birth partner, but we believe it is better to have extra support that you don’t need than to need extra support that you don’t have!

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