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  • Credentials

  • Staff Midwife
  • Bachelor's Degree in Biology - University of Washington
  • Master's Degree in MIdwifery - Bastyr University
  • Certified Professional Midwife - The North American Registry of Midwives
  • Licensed Midwife in the State of Washington
  • CPR certified
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified
  • Annual conferences/classes for continuing education

My introduction to homebirth and midwifery happened very early. I was born at home and my aunt was the midwife in attendance. My mother was also a practicing midwife in Eastern Washington when I was young. She served families out of our home and I have fond memories of going to occasional prenatal and postpartum visits with her as a child. Because of this, birth has always seemed like a natural process to me. By the time I was ten I knew I was going to be a midwife someday. Despite hearing this call at a relatively young age, It took decades and many bumps in the road before I finally realized that dream.

In 2016 I graduated from Bastyr University with a Master's Degree in Midwifery. During my training I was blessed to work with many of the excellent midwives local to the Seattle area. As a student I attended over 100 births in various settings including homes, birth centers and hospitals. Each one of these births informed the way I practice midwifery and each one affirmed my belief in birth. I believe that the best place to birth is where you feel most comfortable, safe and supported and I want you in giving birth in that space.

As a midwife I see my role as being a facilitator and guide. As we meet regularly during your pregnancy it is my goal that you will see yourself as the authority on your body and your baby and that you will see me as a collaborator on this journey toward the birth you desire. I feel strongly that birth is a life changing event for every individual and every family. I feel privileged that my training has given me the skills to walk the path of pregnancy and birth with the clients I serve.

Since graduating from midwifery school I have been providing midwifery care to families in the Seattle area. I am excited to be making this move and joining forces with Sara Dunn and the team at Ancient Paths in 2018!

My wife Melinda and I have four growing children ranging in age from 19 to 4. They keep us very busy! As the little ones become a bit more independent we are looking forward to getting to know the Coeur d’Alene area and all of the fun adventures it offers.

Doree Hanford is a certified as a childbirth educator with ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association), Bates Technical College, and Birthing From Within. She has many years experience teaching classes to couples, as well as serving as a childbirth doula. Doree currently serves as the Childbirth Educator at Kootenai Medical Center, as well as Ancient Paths Birth & Wellness. Her classes are open to all families, regardless of chosen provider or place of birth. Doree is also married to a wonderful man, Adam Handford. Together they have three beautiful, rambunctious boys that definitely keep her on her toes!

What goes on at the breastfeeding support group?

We meet in an informal, comfortable setting where moms are free to ask questions and share their experiences about mothering. Pregnant women, mothers, grandmothers, babies and toddlers are all welcome. This meeting is a wonderful place to practice nursing in public, connect to trusted local resources, and meet other nursing moms in our community.

Our discussions include adjusting to motherhood, latch, positioning, establishing a good milk supply, newborn sleep patterns, breast pain, starting solids, extended breastfeeding, weaning, milk storage, returning to work and tandem nursing.

The breastfeeding support group is a FREE, weekly meeting facilitated by Jennifer McIntosh IBCLC.

Every Wednesday 10:30-12:30 at Ancient Paths Birth and Wellness Center

For meeting information or questions between meetings please call Jennifer at 208-277-7701.

Immediately after the birth, we stay until both mother and baby are stable. You can expect that the midwife will:

  • Delay Cord Clamping & encourage immediate skin to skin and breastfeeding if baby is ready to do so.
  • Assist in delivering the placenta as safely and naturally as possible (no unnecessary traction before placenta has detached on its own, and hands-on help only if medically needed)
  • Monitor vitals of both mother and baby, every 15 minutes for the first hour and then every 30 minutes for the following 3-4 hours.
  • Prepare a meal for the mother as she rests, as well as a candlelit herbal bath for mother and baby to take together (this is everyone’s favorite part of the process, hands down!)
  • Clean up the birthing space, including emptying and putting away the birth pool, cleaning towels, etc. (within about an hour, the only evidence that a birth took place is a glowing mama and happy baby!).
  • Perform the newborn exam, including weight, length, vitals, and thorough exam of the newborn’s body systems and reflexes.
  • Take baby’s footprints, fill out the birth certificate (this automatically includes a social security number for the baby that will be issued and sent to the parents by mail), and give detailed postpartum instructions for both mother and baby.
  • Postpartum Visits Include checking vitals of mother and baby, check for adequate weight gain for baby, as well as helping with feeding questions or any other concerns. The midwife is available 24/7 by phone, and will also follow-up after the birth with:
    • a 24 hr phone consult
    • a 3 day home visit
    • a 1 week home visit
    • a 2 week office visit
    • a 6 week office visit

*If for any reason the mother and/or baby needs to transfer care to a hospital/doctor at any time during the labor immediately postpartum, the midwife and/or assistant will go with the family to facilitate and offer support to the mother and information to the medical staff. Transports do not happen often, but when they do we want you to receive the same amount of care you are accustomed to during your pregnancy with us, and we will do our best to see that you get that.

**Never will a student midwife or assistant attend a labor/birth without a midwife present. The only person legally allowed to care for a women and baby alone is a licensed midwife, and your safety is our highest concern. While you may choose to hire a doula to assist you for labor support, they will not perform any medical procedures such as taking fetal heart tones, vaginal exams, etc. While students are valuable at births, they are not used in our practice as primary caregivers without a Senior Midwife giving direct, in-person guidance and supervision.

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