Almost all of our mothers choose to labor in the water at some point, and most will also give birth there. In the water, mothers experience far less pain, and the warm water helps the vascular perineum to stretch which prevents or lessens the possibility of tearing.

Most women feel more in control in the water, and able to relax just as they always have during a warm bath. There is plenty of room for her birth partner to join her, or he/she is welcome to sit on the outside and offer support. Our pools have handles all around the outside, giving women a place to hold on to and freely move around. A seat is positioned within the pool, allowing her to squat while supported if she wants to.

Babies who are born in water transition smoothly from the water-filled womb to a clean, soft water environment and their mother’s hands. We have hospital-grade birthing pools for home birth, which we bring before 37 weeks to make sure the family is prepared. We do require each family to purchase a line for the pool, ensuring ultimate cleanliness and safety standards. Each pool is filled by a new hose with hot water directly from the washing machine connection or faucet in your home, and we bring a sump-pump to drain the pool after the birth. We also break down the pool afterward while baby and parents enjoy bonding time.

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