We do not believe that “Once a C-Section, always a C-Section”, and if fact know that babies who are born surgically will have better outcomes if they are at least able to experience some of the labor process beforehand. Some hospitals do not preform VBACs (Vaginal Births After Cesareans), which we find unfortunate. Here in Coeurd’Alene, there are few home birth providers that will take on a VBAC client, and our local hospital will not deliver them vaginally at all at this time.

Because we have extensive experience and training in delivering VBAC mothers, we have specialized in these births for many years. Not everyone is what we would consider a “good” canidate for a trial of labor after a Cesearean birth, but we are happy to evaluate your history and discuss your options. If you are not found by our midwives to be a good Out Of Hospital Birth canidate, but we do feel you may have a better chance of succeeding with an OB, we do offer doula support and are happy to refer you to Obstetricians within a close distance that will take great care of you. With proper labor support, and a knowledgable and trusting provider, any woman has a very good chance of delivering her baby vaginally, regardless of history. In fact, around 80% of VBAC attempts are successful in delivering vaginally, so we do hope that you will consider all of your options for care.

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