Our prenatal and postpartum visits typically last at least an hour, giving plenty of time for adequate physical examination of mom and baby, emotional support, education, and to ensure that all questions are thoroughly answered. We encourage partners and other children in the family to attend and be as involved as they would like to be. We believe birth is a family event, and want every member to feel as excited and included. Most of our visits take place in the center, in our comfortable prenatal room, however we make sure that our home birth clients receive at least 2-3 visits in their home prior to birth so that they are relaxed with our presence in their home when they are in labor.

During these visits, the midwife will do the following:

  • Urinalysis
  • Check Mother’s weight
  • Vital Signs – temperature, blood pressure, and pulse.
  • Measure uterine growth and baby’s size
  • Palpate the position of your baby (and teach you and your partner to feel as well!)
  • Monitoring the fetal heart rate and reactiveness to stimulus
  • Any labwork or additional monitoring requested by the mother or suggested by the midwife. Many tests are optional, and informed consent (including reason for testing, possible outcomes, and pros/cons) is given fully to each family.
  • Discuss emotional wellness of mother and family, relationships within the home, preparedness for labor and parenthood, and answer any and all questions that mother and family may have.
  • Offer referrals for community resources, education, groups, etc.

Visits are offered at least every 4 weeks until Week 32, then every 2 weeks until Week 36, then every week until delivery.

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