For various reasons, a mother may desire to birth in our Birthing Center. Whether her home is not set-up the way she would like, she has family staying there, she wants to be closer to the hospital (we are less than 2 blocks away), or she just enjoys the vibe of our facility, we are happy to accommodate families in one of our home-like birthing suites.

We have a great waiting area for families to relax during labor if the mother wants privacy, including a TV/movie area, board games, and space for kids to play. Coffee/tea/water and snacks are available to families as they wait, and we do our best to make sure everyone feels at home here.

Our primary suite has a jetted tub, complete with heaters to keep the water warm and a spray nozzle to provide comfort to mom during labor. The tub is large enough for a mother and her partner, and can easily be accessed by the midwife if necessary. There is a very comfortable queen bed, dim lighting, and even a birthing stool in the room to assist the mother during labor. A private bathroom, complete with a shower, is available to the laboring mother and her partner during birth. The birthing suite, hallway, and bathroom are closed off from the rest of the facility during the birth, providing complete privacy to the laboring family.

The birthing suite walls are covered with affirmations and words of encouragement. Every woman that births in our center is given a blank board prior to labor that she can fill with her own affirmations, pictures, and notes from loved ones to look at as she gives birth. This little piece of home has been a great comfort to those wanting to create their own space at the center.

Our birthing suites are stocked with all of the herbs, equipment, and other supplies needed during labor. We provide everything for labor aside from the supplements that the Mother brings with her. We provide toiletries that may be forgotten, and all natural diapers and baby products as well.

After she delivers her baby, the mother relaxes in bed while we prepare her a hot meal and tea. We have farm fresh eggs, soup, crackers, cheese, hummus, and a variety of other foods available.

Just like at home, we prepare her herbal bath after we clean the tub, and our candle holders create a peaceful area for Mother and Baby to bond.

Families are welcomed to stay as long as they need to after their birth. As in home birth, we need to do all of the postpartum care and exams, and we make sure both Mama and baby to be stable and feeling good before they head home to continue resting.

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