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Ancient Paths is not only a birth center, but we are a community center dedicated to education, support, and connecting families with the best services our area has to offer. Wherever, however, and with whomever you choose to birth, you will find wisdom and encouragement for your birth and parenting journey here.


I love my midwife. I love that I can count on her. I love that she is not only our midwife, but also a friend and a member of the family. It's like she's Amadeus' "Earthly Mother" or some form of Spiritual Other Mother to him, as she worked just as hard to bring him safely into this world as my husband and I did. Toward the end of my pregnancy, I lost my composure and had a sobbing meltdown. For a few moments I decided I had to stay pregnant forever, because if I didn't then Sarah wouldn't be in our lives anymore. That is so far from what actually happened, and I am so grateful! Sarah is this amazing woman that knows the individual needs of all of us mothers. She is a special soul that touches the life of everyone who knows her. Thank you Sarah Dunn. We love you.

~ Micah Kamiah McSmith

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